Louis de Mirabert


How to access to the site member zone ?

  1. Few minutes after your payment validation, You will receive an Email with your login name and password.
  2. Go on the site, click on "Login" and write these informations. After that you can access to all photos and videos online.
  3. In case of problem, check if your subscription is not finished, and if you didn't make any mistake on the login name and the password, (Be carrefull about caps, and not mix up I and 1 as well as O and 0).
  4. You will find more help on the helpdesk of CCBill (Have a look on your payment confirmation email)
  5. You can Contact us directly, we read our message everyday.

How to download a video ?

  1. Go to the video web page you want to download.
  2. Click on : "Download full video ..."
    (Some web browser are configured to read directly the video; In this case use the contextual menu with a right click and : "Save link as .. ", or change the configuration of your software)
  3. Choose where you want to save your video file on your hard disk.
  4. These videos are high quality, the download time depends of you Internet connection speed (between around 2min and 2h),
  5. During the download you can visit our photo-galleries.

How to watch the video ?

  1. The downloadable high quality versions of our new videos are encoded with "Windows Media Player" or "Quicktime", so you can you can read it directly from "Windows" or "Mac OS X", You just have to double click on the file, to start the internal player.
  2. For the oldest videos and for our visitors using an other operating system, we recommend you to install the VLC media player free software, and after that you will just have to double click on the file, to start the internal player.

How to stop your subscription ?

  1. It's preferable to stop your subscription 48h before the settlement date.
  2. Only customer under subscription are concerned, if you are under a one month without re-bill membership you have nothing special to do.
  3. Check on your payment confirmation email the name of the payment supplier that you used.
  4. Click on the appropriate link : CCBill
  5. And follow the indications.
  6. If you find some difficulty don't panic, you can contact us, we read our messages everyday, and for sure we will find a solution.

Which browser can I use ?

  1. This web site is compatible with more common html browser,
  2. And have been successfully tested with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer .